2014 World Cup draw: TUFA Executives ’ expectations

Tomorrow's World Cup draw has elicited a range of hopes and predictions from Ghanaian soccer fans. tufaghanafc.com sampled and presents some of them

On December 6, 2013, Fifa would organize the draw for next year's World Cup in Costa do Sauipe in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The 32 qualified sides, currently pooled into four pots of eight each, would be grouped in quartets during the draw, thus giving each participating country a fair idea of the extent of work required for success, at least in the first phase of World Cup action next year.

Quite reasonably, then, most national sides are hoping for kind draws, and Ghana is no different. Ahead of Friday's event, tufaghanafc.com sought the expectations of soccer-loving Ghanaians at the Tanmale Utrecht Academy Complex, specifically regarding which teams they'd rather see the Black Stars, in Pot 2, draw or avoid. Below is a sample of the views obtained:


"I'd hope Ghana is drawn alongside Switzerland, Bosnia and the Brazi. The first two teams because they are comparatively weaker, and the latter due to our past pleasant experiences against them at the Mundial. Qualification from the group stage is something we simply cannot afford to miss out on" Abdulai  Alhassan [CEO TUFA]

"Brazil, South Korea, and Croatia would be ideal opponents. Brazil, especially, just so we can stand a chance of becoming the first African nation to beat them at World Cup level , we can surprise every team that stands our way" Alhassan  Abdulai Alhassan,[facility manager TUFA]


"Brazil, because they are the home side and the momentum would be with them, especially in the earlier rounds; Mexico, because they are so strong off the blocks at major tournaments; and the Netherlands because they are quality and always difficult customers" Coach Isaac [supervisor TUFA]