27th of July, 2015

The first year students of Tamale Utrecht Football Academy have expressed their happiness after completing the first year stay at the house. This came after their final examination papers were conducted over the course of the week.

Twenty nine students took part in the exercise, which is the first step in identifying the standard of their educational development in the Academy.

Speaking to tufaghanafc.com, some of the students expressed their joy of having completed the first year of their stay at the house. They say it has been a challenging period but with time they will adopt to the environment they find themselves in.

Iddrisu Mujahib, a first year student said “ we have had a good time here {TUFA}, though it has not been easy playing football and going to class, but as you know that is why we are here, to learn in both sectors so I will say I’m happy for my first year at the Academy”

Acknowledging the support of management to their development at the Academy, Sulemana Farouk said “their first year has not been bad at all but hope they will improve as he thinks there is a lot for them to do if they are to succeed at the house”

The management of TUFA will break the students on Thursday and have earmark the day as their annual Speech and Prize Giving Day to reward hardworking students.