Frans van Seumeren and Abdulai Alhassan met each other in mid-2009. Abdulai – or Abu for short – is originally from the north of Ghana. He had come to the Netherlands three years prior to the two men meeting. Due to the high salary criterion associated with non-EU players, Abu could not get a contract in the Netherlands. He moved to Belgium and played in the second division. This is where his dream of establishing a professional soccer school in the north of Ghana took root. Abu wanted to create more opportunities for his fellow countrymen in the north and give local leagues a chance to develop.

Two years later he returned to the Netherlands with his Dutch wife Jolanda Goes, with whom he started an organization that accompanies students conducting graduate research in his native country. This is how he met Frans van Seumeren, who had the same desire to build a football academy in Ghana. Various visits to Ghana followed and at the end of 2010 the dream became reality: the academy would be built.